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Go to YouTube Settings and select 1080p HD for the best viewing result

Take your epic footage of your games and get an amazing montage made for YouTube or your steaming site!  You can select 1 or 2 minute montages, with or without music. Add an animated intro and outro to define yourself as a true gamer.  Get more followers by showing your audience your best footage. Your montage can be created with original music!  Recommended game capture is 1080p 60fps so your footage can have spectacular slow motion.  Choose from the items below that you need for your montage and select “purchase” to add to cart.

 Select how long you want your montage to be:



Select if you want original music composed for your montage and how long:

(Please match above time)



Select if you want an Intro Outro animation:



Upload your gaming footage to Google Drive, select “make file sharable” then insert that link below along with any other information you want to give us to make your montage incredible!

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Please include your:


-Email (please use the same email you used to check out so we can match your footage)

-Google Drive link to your footage

-Any additional logos or platoon emblems you want in the video

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