Content=Value: My research of people YouTubing for a living.

I am recently wanting to start a whole new venture within YouTube. I want to share with you tons of info I found after many many hours of collecting notes and tips from other successful YouTubers. I want to work on being on camera, creating something that people can enjoy- have infinite amount of footage to edit, make soundtracks, and publish a video every week to captivate an audience… a community. I want interaction… random turns and community answers within videos. But when first starting out- you think to yourself, “look at all these people with a YouTube channel having a great time and making money in various ways, what can I make a video about?” But what can you create on a consistent basis that will be entertaining? Think about it like dessert. When you go to a bakery… you pretty much know what you are getting…

You know that when you walk in the door of a bakery…you are going to probably order something sweet. Your channel is like a bakery. What ever your channel is it has to have a topic, a theme. Every dessert is sweet and has a nice sweet taste. If your video is about comedy- it should be funny… not funny then depressing. It’s like serving mash potatoes after dessert, it doesn’t make sense.

Your videos should have content. Content isn’t easy to just create out of thin air. You have to have a well thought out formula that engages an audience. Seth Myers from Saturday Night Live uses an infinite amount of current news and brings comedy with overlooked political interviews. Food channels on YouTube have the vast topic and recipes of different foods to make on camera such as Rachael Ray. As I have been doing weeks upon weeks of research… I have found successful YouTube channels have an infinite amount of what I call Topic Fuel…

What topic will fuel your channel?





Some channels such as health and fitness focus on a specific area such as yoga. There are many different poses and many different kinds of yoga- they keep a schedule and can get the community ready for certain days for certain types of yoga. Find out what your Topic Fuel is for your channel… and feed it. Comedy can be the most vague within Topic Fuel because you can literally make something funny out of anything. But no matter what you do you should have a good structure within each episode to get the audience comfortable in your delivery.

Content=Value. If you do not bring value to your community… your channel will not grow. Stores that produce garbage usually go out of business. Channels that produce garbage do not bring value to the viewer. If what you bring to the viewer is value and useful- it will be shared, liked, and will help you grow your channel. Try to find your Topic Fuel and then present your idea in a different way than all the other people doing the same thing out there. If your recoding cooking food be different and have a food fight at the end of each episode. People will watch your videos to learn how to cook something different which adds value and they will look forward to the food fight at the end. This may get a little ridiculous to clean but it creates a theme.

This article is really about getting you started from the very beginning. Once you come up with your great idea and commit to it- try to keep a schedule… don’t try… KEEP A SCHEDULE. The moment you don’t release a video the same time you did last week… people will lose interest. If you post a video on a certain day… your follower will reserve that time in THEIR day to watch YOU. If you let them down and don’t fulfill the space they created for YOU… they will lose interest. This is getting ahead of myself as I am trying to learn conception and invention but posting on a regular basis I read is a MUST. I will continue to post here on my blog to share with you things I have learned on the way and hopefully provide value within my content.

Keep creating, keep searching, keep trying, rid yourself of things that steal your time and waste it. Time is the most valuable resource we all have. Turn your 2018 into a new year of new goals and value within your content to grow your channel to the max! Inspire your community- answer your community, cherish your community. If you are lucky enough to captivate an audience and share great things and be able to attract a following and make living on YouTube… it’s most likely that what you have to say and how you present it has value within its content. So create, produce, and publish your videos doing something you love, that has infinite Topic Fuel, and something that you will never get bored of!

Try to remember the magic you had when you were a kid- everything was amazing!!! Your passions were your life… as we get older we forget that and settle for jobs that don’t fulfill us at all. Go after your passion and if it’s being a YouTuber who makes a living off various creative ways within video…go for it!

(Photo: my brother Joe [left], my Dad, and me [right] 1988)

-Ryan Campogiani